Solutions and Services for the Industrial Electronics Market


We are the perfect partner to cooperate with, for the realization of innovative products

EMC offers its experience  in R&D of industrial electronic devices and high-tech products in general, as well as in specialized on ARM based embedded Linux computers and medical devices. Our experience and capablity goes from the concept-R&D phases , to the validation and testing up to the industrializazion and volume production or our products.

We don’t produce only simple devices, but real solutions to problems with the aim of improving everyday life. We will solve your problems using our experience and innovative mindset that have guided us since 1994.

Since 1994, we have designed, manufactured finished and tested high technology single board computers, and full turnkey products on specific customer requests

We provide assembly services for electronic devices with cutting-edge equipment and skilled labour

For processes requiring certain standard of cleanliness, such as the assembly of medical devices

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WORKING AREAS: Where we succeed

We offer engineering consultancy with a complete set of design and development services to customers working in different sectors of the industrial electronics market (home automation, IoT, HMI, healthcare, etc.). We focus on working with Linux-based computers (Cortex Multicore) as with Windows X86 (Intel), being able to develop specific hardware as a low-level driver.

Our target is to solve your problems, with our experience and orientation to innovation.


The industrial level of our products is made possible thanks to rugged components on which our embedded computers are based. Each unit is developed using FTA and FMECA models to implement process and product quality. Our products have been built to work 24/7/365, and stability and accessibility are key features.


Our main service is assembly of industrial grade embedded modular computers. Plug & play solutions designed to combine any SBC with a display and all the necessary accessories, according to the customer’s requirements. We can customize our computers to solve specific problems such as noisy power-lines, electromagnetic interferences or thermal and environmental issues.


We develop and produce medical devices, in particular disaggregators for cytometry. We carry out all the assembly process in our clean room in order to guarantee high cleanliness standards, for products that will require sterilization. Our devices are confrormal with the ISO 60601 and tested by a notified body.


Just contact us. Our technical and sales people will be happy to help you.


EMC Embedded Modular Computers SRL

Rudeni Chitila, Strada Traian 68,
077046, Jud. Ilfov, Romania
RO38620433 – J23/5362/2020
Phone: +40 771 645 351
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