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EMC Embedded Modular Computers Srl was established in 2018 in Bucharest, Romania. The company goal is being the perfect partner to cooperate with, for the realization of innovative products in the industrial, healthcare and embedded systems fields.

Our experience began in 1994, in Italy, working with old microcontrollers and following all the technological updates of 8-16-32 and 64-bit microcontrollers-processors, being in the first group of users of the various RT OS concentrating now on the Linux everybody knows. We are hardware specialists, from the high level digital to analogue and RF, and low-level SW engineering able to create new products. Thanks also to our logistic and supplier chain management capability, up to our laboratory that can integrate and test, we are able to fulfill special applications.

We offer our experience in design and development of electronic devices for various sectors, as well as in specialized assembly, in particular embedded systems and medical devices for healthcare.

Our product engineers and R&D department make possible EMC’s innovative approach.
The company not only offers simple assembled electronic devices that we develop, but real solutions to problems with the aim of improving everyday life. We have a consolidated network of near and far suppliers we have known and worked with for more than 10 years, thanks to which we are able to guarantee the quality of the materials we use. Because products, designed for industrial applications, need to be safe and trusted.

EMC company is made up of people, and this is our main strength. Our engineers and managers think industrially. Because what seems a time loss today, can be a lifesaver tomorrow.

Engineering team embedded systems


Just contact us. Our technical and sales people will be happy to help you.

EMC Embedded Modular Computers SRL

Rudeni Chitila, Strada Traian 68,
077046, Jud. Ilfov, Romania
RO38620433 – J23/5362/2020
Phone: +40 771 645 351
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