Research & Development

EMC Embedded Modular Computers offers engineering consultancy with a complete set of design and development services to customers working in different sectors of the industrial electronics market (home automation, IoT, HMI, healthcare, etc.).

Our skilled engineering team is able to understand what you need in terms of new products development and realize it by taking care of the entire development process (hardware, software and mechanics) fulfilled through innovation and knowledge of the entire supplier chain needed for implementing the production system.

We can handle hardware analogue development as well as high-speed digital, with experience in radiofrequency devices, and are able to make quick-turn prototypes in house, for the testing and validation of the project. Our hardware and software engineering teams work together to fulfil all the OS and low-level drivers needed for the final product, such as the integration of displays, sensors or actuators needed. Our external Far East suppliers can handle high-volume production, and we know how to manage them in order to give you a constant flow of material and support when unusual things happen.

Trust us, we are here to support. Today and tomorrow.

EMC Embedded Modular Computers SRL

Oras Chitila, Strada Traian 68,
077046, Jud. Ilfov, Romania
RO38620433 – J23/5362/2020
Phone: +40 771 645 351
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